About Us

Working Together

At the Jewish Counseling Association of Florida, we believe in the power of working together. A network of mental health professionals with connections to the Jewish Orthodox community, JCAF provides support to professionals seeking to engage in the challenging and essential job of helping individuals in need. JCAF accomplishes this mission through networking, events, education, and forming connections between individuals, families, communities and specialists.

Just as we embrace those who need help, we also embrace our members. JCAF is open to mental health professionals of every skill level, and actively fosters a culture of support and appreciation for the role each of us plays in the healing process. We hope that by working together, JCAF can help its members grow professionally and to become an even greater benefit to the Orthodox Jewish community at large.

Growing Together

JCAF is a fast-growing, active organization. We encourage our members to keep in frequent contact and provide numerous forums for them to connect. We continuously seek opportunities to grow as professionals.

Diverse Professionals

We bring together mental health professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Healing Better

JCAF focuses on education. We want our members to succeed.

Providing Support

JCAF encourages members to support each other, from networking to advice to new opportunities.